Original cars land teaser image.

Let's talk about nerd stuff! Because there are some interesting changes and developments behind the scenes with the introduction of cars land, one of them being our new ride system, which we’ll be talking bout in this (probably) one-off article revealing some of our magic.

Most of IF’s rides are based on train carts and fairly straight forward, there’s a track that a vehicle follows until it reaches the end where it kicks you off, throws you your coins and then dooms itself to the special circle in hell where all despawned vehicles go. …

Screenshot of the BarelyAlive block party project

In these times of self-isolation, plenty of folks are going back to their roots in the Minecraft-multiplayer scene to make big projects, like for example, the BarelyAlive virtual shows. In this article, I will guide you towards setting up a network that's ready for the masses. Note that this is not relevant at all if you seek to just set up a small server for you or your friends, we are talking about handling thousands of players in a Minecraft music event.

Let's start with basic terminology for those who are completely new.

— Ticks and TPS

A game tick is 1/20th of a…

OpenAudioMc is often used for in-game events where music plays an important role, if not a leading one. Usually, this is in some sort of show that is supposed to go in-sync with what is happening in-game.

That means that we want to trigger effects or commands without delay and keep response times quick and snappy.

We have to accept that with the magic which is the internet, we will always have at least a few milliseconds delay due to the communication itself, and above that, we have our own handling time.

Just like everything involving time, we need a…

OpenAudioMc’s next release (6.0) is right on the horizon, releasing soon. This update will be an important one with amazing new features! Let’s talk about that.

A little bit of back story

Ever since the initial release of OpenAudioMc in October of 2016, we’ve set the goal to make the best Minecraft audio-system there is.
There was a specific need for a project like this within a specific set of server communities. …


Software developer for the dutch VPRO

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